Saturday, April 22, 2017

Made It To Suwon South Korea

I had a long flight. It was only eleven and half hours from Seattle to Inchon,. I found Mary waiting for me at the airport.  We crossed the really long bridge to the main land.  She was driving the only big pick-up on the road.  She gave me a tour of Suwon AB.  I relaxed a few minutes, then we walked to the train and went into Suwon for dinner.  She had printed out, and laminated, some cards with information about gluten free dinning in SK.  We had a couple kinds of pork, grilled right in the center of our table at the restaurant, with vegetables and lettuce for making wraps.  It was wonderful.  And I didn't get sick! Yeah!  Then we went across the street to admire some socks and had to get some . . . .oh this was a fine little treasure trove shop!  I got Mary a little, and I mean little, blue tooth shutter control thingy for her camera,.  She took a funny photo with it this morning and showed her dad when were skyping this morning.  (it was Saturday night in Idaho, but Sunday morning in Suwon).  I did not know she had taken a photo of us until she was showing her dad.  It turned out to be a pretty amusing photo.  I was skyping and eating gf Lucky Charms and she was looking all cute cause she was taking the photo, unbeknownst to me.
     Today we don't know what we are doing except maybe going to the Tulip Festival. I will add some photos later!

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