Monday, April 24, 2017

Sunday, April 23

We caught the express train to Seoul, then transferred from one train line to another, and then another to get to the Seoul Aquarium.  We found PF Chang's right next to the mall where the aquarium is located.  We had lunch and relaxed. There were only three GF items marked on the menu, so I had the moogu guypan and raspberry oolong tea.  [I will have to come back and update this entry with some correct spellings and terminology.]  We spent a few hours at the aquarium. Who knew an aquarium in a mall could be so big??  It did not look huge, but wound about with exhibit after exhibit and it just got better at every turn.  There were lots of young parents with small children there. Between the sea creatures and the excited enthusiastic children, there was a lot to appreciate.
     After the aquarium we walked around the mall.  We took our photo at the picture wall and got it posted. About a dozen people were having fun posing for photos to post on the wall. After all that walking, we walked back to the train.  It was a shorter route back, but we still had to change trains the same number of times and these trains all stopped at every single stop, so it took a lot longer to get back to Suwon.  Lesson learned,.  I was pooped! I feel asleep on Mary's couch while she was looking at all her photos from the day. She woke me up and walked me to my room, where I took a hot shower and fell into bed.  ZZZZZZzzzzzz

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