Thursday, April 27, 2017

Thursday, April 27, Osan AB and Missed Train Stop

We did our laundry this morning, then walked to the train and went to Osan AB.  We walked from the train station to Osan AB.  On the way, I took some photos of a train mural in an alley way, where train tracks had once ran.  We walked through the "Hello Market" area, which is right outside the base gate.  Then gate security kept my DL and gave me a pass.  We had lunch at the Chili's restaurant on base. They had good gluten free options with not much ado.  I like that.  I collected my DL, on the way out.  We walked back to the train station and posed on the angel benches that were on the way. 
 On the way back, we missed our stop on the train, so we went on to the next one, which was Suwon Train Station, so we went to the Koex Mall.  I was looking for a sweatshirt or sweater, no luck, but we got some pork and some rice bowls to prepare for dinner.  We looked at the potato chips, and Mary used her cellphone app for interpreting Hungel, indicated a "note: contains eggs, nuts, shrimp, wheat . . . .etc."  We think it was a blanket, cover-their-ass warning statement, but to be safe we did not purchase them.  While waiting for the train to go back to Seryu Station (next door to Suwon AB), we ran into a couple of Mary's friends.  After we go back to Mary's place, I rested while she ran out for a tad.  She walked to the Shoppet (on Suwon) and got us some American chips and GF Lucky Charms.  When she got back, I fried up the pork and she figured out how to cook the rice. The instructions were not in English.  It turned out great, and we ate every bit of the pork clean up! 
Mural on wall near Osan AB
We watched the Lego Movie while we pigged out.  What a great day!  

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