Sunday, May 7, 2017

Friday, April 28, went to the river and park

We took the train to the river. We walked and relaxed and walked some more.  We observed many (high school?) students along the river walk. Some had camp tents to keep the sun off.  One girl had a rip-stop sort of big yellow bag, she caught the wind in, then fastened it closed for a sort of chair couch thing.  It was pretty cool!   and a big water faucet (taller than us).  

We found water features, a running track.  We walked up a bunch of steps and walked to the VIP Steak and Salad place, were we waited 20 minutes to be seated. When Mary gave our GF information card to the waitress, she indicated they had nothing for me to eat, not even the salad. So, we left and found a better place on the next block. It was Kkanbu Chicken since 2006.  They brought me most of a broiled chicken, rice, and hot tea. Mary had fried chicken with potato wedges. She was way happy because they had Mtn Dew.
We walked and found the park that runs several blocks from the river into the city. It has a 'squishy way'.  It looks like green asphalt, but is soft to the step, and easier walking for tired old feet and legs.  The Yeouido Park has statues, ponds, birds, play grounds, and lots of resting spots.  We rested awhile and did some people watching.  Eventually we walked to the nearest train station and found a big fish sculpture on the way.
I think it was a fountain, but it was not spouting when we came across it.  It was completely covered in ceramic tiles.  Lovely.  I fell asleep on the train. When we got back to Mary's place we put on "Some Like It Hot", and had Ruffles potato chips and peanut M&Ms for dinner.

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