Monday, May 29, 2017

Directions to the Little Bird Cafe, Tokyo

When traveling there, take the H line to C2, to street level and go right when exiting the subway. Walk passed the Donky Pastry place then cross the street and continue in the same direction.  You will pass a very busy intersection with a busy train crossing.  Continue to where the bicycle parking is on the left and go down that street.  Enjoy it's relaxing meandering, and when you see the library on the right (a brick building with a broad entry way), look for the bluish bill board just opposite the library.  It states "Gluten Free Café -Little Bird -3F", which means it is on the 3rd floor.  A little further down the street you spy a 7-Eleven, where you can get cash from the Seveni ATM, as you need cash to pay.  LBC does not take credit cards, as they are a very small business.  The Little Bird Cafe is only a brief, and delightful, walk from the subway.
on the way to little bird café

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  1. Thanks a lot for sharing so detailed infos!They will be very useful in 2 weekd for me!


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