Friday, May 19, 2017

Sunday, April 30 arrived in Japan

We stayed Saturday night at the Novotel in Suwon. This was due to I would not be able to claim my drivers license at Suwon AB security until 6:05 a.m., and we needed to get going prior to that time in the morning to go to the Inchon Airport to fly to Japan.  We got up real early and caught the bus (airport limousine) to Inchon Airport.  We waited in a very long line to check our bags and get our boarding passes, but we were soon relaxing near our departure gate. The flight to Japan was about two hours.  We landed at Narita Airport.  Then we found a money exchange place and we got some yen. Then we went down the escalator and got on the Sky Liner train to the north part of Tokyo. We had reserved seats.  It was a relaxing trip into the city.
Sky Liner sleek and comfortable
When we got to Ueno Station, we transferred to the subway and headed to Akiba, two stops down.  We were disoriented as to N-S-E-W and went out the wrong exit, so we walked up the street and asked for directions from a very helpful hairdresser.  We were looking for Akihabara Washington Hotel.  It was pretty nice, and they gave us damp washcloths at the front desk to freshen up before our trip up the elevator to our room on the 7th floor.  We had a great view from our window.  It was overlooking the river, a shrine, a pedestrian bridge, and two or three train tracks.  It was awesome!

See the blue pedestrian bridge at the bottom of the photo.
It proved a quick way to cross the river from our hotel.
After we checked in and rested a short bit, we ventured out and found this multi-story electronics place.  It was packed with people and a sales person every eight feet or so.  They were selling all kinds of computers and peripherals.  They kept playing fast tempo music "Mine eyes of seen the glory of the coming of the Lord . . . Glory Hallelujah . . ." with occasional singing by a children's choir in Japanese.  Mary kept singing to the music, but she sang "The Brady Bunch!" theme.  She kept saying it was the Brady Bunch song.  Anyway, about one-fourth of the first floor was every design imaginable cell phone covers and iphone cables.
a small portion of the cell phone cover selection
 We found an escalator and went up one floor and made a magical discovery.  Office and paper supplies! OMG! The cutest sticky notes, sticker applicators, clamps, scissors, post cards, note books, 2-pocket portfolios, staplers, adhesives, pencil bags out the . . ., roller stickers, origami paper, rows of pens and pencils, character erasers, blah blah and blah!  That is where we spent our money!
Then we went around the corner and discovered the largest selection of luggage known to man.  Fabulous stuff!  We spent at least 20 minutes perusing the luggage.  To our surprise the had no zebra stripe luggage.  Then we decided we had had enough stimulation and headed back downstairs.  We went out the side door into a covered walkway that was wall-to-wall French pastry establishments.  This is where Mary fell in love.
It was Club Marion, with all the delectable stuffed crepes.  The photo is in the side bar to the right-->.
This is the cover art on the two-pocket portfolio Mary purchased.
It is Sumiko Gurashi.
These crepes came in a variety of combinations including such yummy ingredients as bananas, strawberries, chocolate, whipped cream.  I think we then went on to dinner across the street at a fine Japanese restaurant.  It was relaxing and tea was divine.
Then we shopped a little on the way back downstairs, before heading back across the street to our hotel.  Busy, busy!

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