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Friday, May 5, 2017 We Fly Back To South Korea

Friday, May 5 (Cinco de Mayo) Got up at 6:45 to shower, wash hair, get ready to depart from Tokyo.  It turned out to be a relaxing, unhurried, day.  We checked out of Akihabara Washington Hotel. We went to the Family Mart, where Mary got me two strawberry yogurts. She got a banana and a cold frapiccino coffee thing.  We sat outside the shopping area and ate our goodies. We went to our subway station around the corner from the bookstore, right by the river.  We got our luggage down all 48 steps and got on to Ueno Station, only two stops away.  Mary found an elevator to take us back up to the train that goes express to the airport.  The TV over the door indicated which terminal has which airlines, so we were able to disembark at terminal 1 with no trouble.  Also, we arrived plenty early so no hurrying.  We asked an airport person where “Asiana” was, and he said, “Counter H.”  Perfect!  We waited in line to check our baggage and get our boarding passes; not too long. Then we walked right passed security, because there was no line!  How can you recognize security if there is no line?  We made it through security and customs smoothly.  We strolled to our gate where there was no hurry going on around us. 
shops in the Tokyo airport -we were chillin'
     We watched them service and unload the plane. Next thing you know we were boarding; relaxing flight.  We deplaned and Mary put her Korean chip into her cell phone and we went through customs.  The guy who stamped my passport did not stamp it on the same page as my previous Korea visit stamp; irritating. Oh, well.  We looked at the board and found our flight number, so we could pick up our luggage.  We walked clear to the far end of the terminal to the USO counter.  They found a reasonably priced hotel with shuttle service from and to the airport. Hotel June.  It is about 15 minutes from the airport.  We got a room with two beds, and Mary is letting me have the softer one.  It has a sitting area with couch, computer desk, and a dvd/vhs player.
     Mary made a phone call and checked her phone for the nearest train station; it was, apparently, right nearby.  She said to relax, take a walk, get something to eat, as she would be back in about three hours.  She is going to her base to get my other suitcase, I left at her place last Sunday morning and bringing back a bit of overnight stuff for herself.  I fly out tomorrow evening, departing Inchon at 8:30 pm.  The last hotel shuttle departing for Inchon tomorrow is at 12:30, which is also check out time.  I guess we will be spending the afternoon at the airport!

     I wrote some more in my journal, then put on my shoes and got the won Mary left me and walked to the Quickee Mart.  I got some garlic butter popcorn, M&Ms, and bottled water, then came back to the room and tried the popcorn.  It was a little odd tasting, but I prefer my popcorn unflavored/seasoned anyway.  So, I have been writing in my journal, but am almost out of pages, so I got some paper from the lobby and brought it down to the Hotel June Restaurant, in the basement. I left a note in the room door, letting Mary know where I went.  The restaurant opens at 6:30, so I went down at 7:00 pm.  The waiter showed me which items on the dinner menu were not actually available.  Everything is breaded except steak, so I had the steak, rice, orange juice, and tea.  He was very helpful. The steak and rice were top notch.  Mary has not arrived, so I guess I will head back upstairs.  It is 8:00 pm.  I flossed my teeth and was in the middle of brushing, with that awful Colgate toothpaste, when the phone rang.  It was Mary.  She only arrived back at Suwon 30 minutes ago, so she is going to do some laundry and go to bed.  She will try to be here around 8:00 in the morning.    I told her no worries, as we were both tired.  I got in my jammies and figured out how operate the A/C.  I discovered there is bottled water in the small refrigerator in this large room. Good night.

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