Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Saturday, May 6, 2017 -Back in Korea

Mary got to my room at Hotel June at 7:15 or so.  She brought her stuff to transfer photos from my camera to her USB and from her devices to my USB. 
Hotel June
It was a relaxing morning, but the water from the shower travels under the shower door, across the floor, to drain in a drain about five feet away.  Yes, there is a drain in the shower, but it only gets a little bit of the water.  It soaked my improvised bath mat and my nightgown.  So my night gown is hanging up to dry before I can pack it so I can depart from S. Korea.  Last night, on the way back from the Quickee Mart, I scouted out the neighborhood and discovered a couple Korean BBQ joints.   After we checked out from the hotel, we went and ate bbq one last time before heading for Inchon Airport. 

After we got to the airport, we killed time by watching people go by with their different kinds of rolly luggage.  It was so hard to say good-bye.  It was all over so fast.  Now I am on my way back to the USA.

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